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Data Center Migration Methodology | Data Center Migration to Cloud | Strategies Featured

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Datacenter migration is an essential element for every company because of various reasons. Not every company can have an in-house data center because of cost and logistics problems. Thus, it is evident that people prefer outsourcing the service to effectively follow the data center migration methodology. Datacenter migration needs to happen regularly because of obvious reasons. Data centers are considered as an integral part of every enterprise IT of a company. Finding the right firm that can provide services like data storage, management, and backup & recovery helps you enjoy quality services without causing downtime.

What is Data Center Migration?

Datacenter migration is a proficient activity that needs to be done by professionals for a successful output. A minor error could cause a lot of effect on the saved data. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a reputed data center migration expert to complete the process effectively.

Data Center migration is a procedure of migrating or relocating a data center to another location. The migration process needs to be perfect because it could lead to a data loss. Modern-day data migration is more comfortable compared to the traditional option. An effective data migration process is a logical process and does not involve any physical movement. 

Ideal Data Center Migration methodology

Migration methodology changes from company to company and professional to professional. Most people prefer using the below process because it helps resolve errors in the early stages. Using the below phases helps you follow the strategy effectively. Therefore, understanding every phase of data center migration lets you stay on track during Migration.

  • Phase 1: Initiation
  • Phase 2: Discovery
  • Phase 3: Planning
  • Phase 4: Execution
  • Phase 5: Closeout 

Data Center Migration to the Cloud

Modern-day technology has evolved and gives a list of options to store your data at a specific cost. It is up to the company to choose their favorite and viable solution to enhance performance. 

Both medium and large scale companies prefer going with cloud because of fewer data. But, cloud data center migration has a separate set of pros and cons. It is highly recommended that organizations compare both traditional and cloud methodology because it helps them understand the best option for the requirement.

Data Center Migration Strategy

The strategy used in the data center migration process is complicated because it needs to complete without losing any data. Apart from the above phases, it is vital to keep the strategy in mind because it helps in following the phases correctly.

Datacenter migration methodology is a process that requires a clean and crisp strategy. There is no way that one can start the procedure without planning. Therefore, looking at some of the best practices play an essential role in completing the process effectively.

  • Know the objective
  • Budget Planning
  • Process Knowledge


Know the objective

Knowing the objective's actual definition plays a vital role because it helps in virtually designing the process. Migrating a data center takes time because it requires a stringent process to avoid any data loss.

Knowing the objective is one of the primary parameters while migrating a data center. Objectives are collected well in advance because they help in planning the process before initiating it. 

Budget Planning

Every enterprise must plan the budget well before the migration process because of various reasons. Migration costs could cost you based on the requirement and play a significant role in saving costs regularly.

Planning the budget before starting the process is essential because it gives a fair idea regarding the process, resource, and time consumption. The larger the team, the time consumption would be reduced. The majority of IT companies prefer outsourcing to reputable firms because of resource availability and experience.

Process Knowledge

The data center migration methodology requires a tremendous amount of knowledge because it needs to complete without losing the data. It is highly recommended to have a team of experts who have experience in dealing with similar activities. 

A minor error could lead to a complete process failure, which plays a crucial role in completing the process. It is essential to have process knowledge in place and from multiple experts, while data transfer migration helps fix any errors without compromising the output.

Why Sureworks?

Datacenter migrations, Sureworks infotech Pvt Ltd Team, understand the project's scope and gather all required information by active communication. Defining the precise objectives, mutually agreed capacity comes as first, with an infrastructure assessment. 

This is the most time-consuming element, but we at Sureworks will make sure the same is conducted to ensure the customer service is attained at a high level. An infrastructure assessment gives you the complete picture of the activities to be carried out as defined. 

Planning, the next phase of our migration process, is primarily focused on the physical infrastructure. During the development stage, Sureworks Infotech Program Management will build the physical infrastructure that will support the data center migration methodology, applications, and business processes identified in Discovery and refined in Planning. 

This is the checks and balances to be sure everything you planned is happening. We are about to begin moving everything to the new data center location or new infrastructure, so this is the final checkpoint to ensure all the details identified in Discovery and Planning made it through Development. We’re finally completing the Migration.

How Sureworks perform Data Center Migration?

We at Sureworks infotech Private Limited, providing the solutions related to the Data Centre. Data Centres are an integral part of Enterprise IT of a company, and Sureworks Infotech includes data storage, management, backup and recovery, Productivity Applications, Big data, Machine Learning, and artificial intelligence. Our Program Management Teamwork by classifying the activities as below whenever new projects arrive.

We gather the required information

  • Planning & Developing the Plan of executions
  • Validation of the Project
  • Migration & Finally


It is always good to have a team of experts to migrate data centers to complete the activity without failures. It is highly recommended that people connect with a reputed group of people to follow data center migration methodology effectively. 

Sureworks Team expertise in Data Centre Setup & Data Centre Services with Planning & Consultancy involved in Design & Implementation, including Operations & Maintenance – IT & Non-IT. Our Team expertise in DC Relocation, Datacenter Consulting, IT Security Assessment, Data Centre – Networking, 

Modular Infrastructure, Converged Infrastructure, High-Performance Computing Open manage Systems Management, Data Centre Managed Extreme-scale Infrastructure, Support Service for home segments, Support Services for Business segments, Deployment services, and Data Centre relocation services, etc.

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