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Order Management Process Flow | Purchase & Sales Order Management | Flow Chart Featured

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The Ecommerce industry has grown to a huge extent. Most of the ecommerce websites allow people to buy online and get the product to their doorstep. After buying the product, the order management process flows through multiple departments and people to deliver the product at the scheduled time. Gone are the days, when people were visiting shops and malls to purchase products. It is important to know the order management flow because it helps you understand the process and expect delivery accurately.

Every product is usually stored in inventory, that will be delivered and picked up based on orders. Every product comes with a set of restrictions and characteristics to store in the warehouse. 

What is order management?

Order management is a process that is followed to receive and send orders to the end user quickly. It is important for every company to follow an organized way of dealing with delivery elements. An organized way of following the process helps in reducing workload and errors effectively. 

The entire flow is structured to improvise receiving, tracking, and fulfilling the orders provided by customers. The process is enhanced and improvised depending on the ecommerce portal and the requirement. Effective automation in the process gives a huge room to complete without facing hassles.

Why follow the order management process?

The process is designed in a systematic way because it offers a one-stop solution for ecommerce business owners. It is not necessary to track orders that have been received by the company anymore. Order management professionals take care of the activity in a beautiful way.

It is widely suggested for people to know and understand various elements of the order management process to enjoy the delivery in a perfect way. As the process involves various departments, it is evident that the changes or committing an error is high. Only a professional team of experts handles the process efficiently and completes every order without a miss. 

Order management flow chart


How does the order management process works

The order management process consists of various steps that need to be performed from different departments. It is crucial for every organization to understand because it helps them to work on the cost and time consumption.

The customer may not have sufficient information about the delivery process but looks forward to having his product delivered on-time. The background tasks look easy for a layman, but it contains a challenging process to have the product delivered properly.

Purchase order management

  • PO Creation
  • Purchase Order Approval
  • PO Dispatch
  • Binding Contract
  • Goods Delivery
  • Three-way Matching
  • PO Closure

Sales order management

  • Build trips
  • Load and deliver bulk and packaged items
  • Calculate freight charges

Order management flow process

Order takes place

Customers placing the order from the app or a website. After the order takes a successful completion of payment and other aspects, the delivery process starts by intimating the warehouse professionals. Most of the sellers prefer using the right channel because it allows them to ship faster. 

The majority of the time, we can see that the order gets processed without hassles. There are some cases where the payment does not pass through the gateway and creates a ruckus. The order management team does not get the notice when the payment is not completed successfully.

The warehouse receives the order

Every organization generally has a warehouse that is either maintained by them or by outsourcing. The respective warehouse gets the order once the purchase is successfully fulfilled. Warehouse takes care from here by placing all merchandise in a safe and secure location because some products come with set instructions even while storing in a warehouse. 

The warehouse team is trained well to take care of specific things in the correct order to avoid damages. After the warehouse inspects the order properly with necessary steps, the merchandise would be stored with required instructions.

Item packs and ships relevantly

Some of the goods require packaging before dispatches the goods to the end-user. The team in the warehouse takes care of the shipping part after packing in an accurate way. When the item dispatches from the warehouse, it would be checked depending on the requirement from the manufacturer.

The packaging and shipping process is a challenging part because it needs to be handled accurately. The process is usually directed by more than a few professionals, who are known to have experience in dealing with different kinds of packaging activities.

Order Reaches

After packaging is finished and ships to the respective address, the order eventually reaches the end-user. After the order reaches, it is important to verify necessary credentials before handing over the order to the right person. 

Some of the items require essential credentials from the receiver before the product delivery. These checkmark items are generally offered by the manufacturer, that needs to be followed by delivery professionals.

Customer experience

It is highly recommended for every company to keep improving its process to increase the quality level of the service. Customer experience is one of the vital things to consider because it offers a wide range of tips to enhance quality.

The current generation ecommerce companies highly rely on customer experience to offer the best product to the customer. Most of the ecommerce portals provide a list of options to give feedback because it is easy to attract and get reviews from time to time.

Customer reviews are grabbed from customers through different channels like website, app, email, SMS and so on. Delivering the product on time with absolute perfection in packing and product quality improves the customer experience surveys over time.

Returns and Exchange (if required)

There is a vast amount of competition among ecommerce portals because of huge demand in the market or society. Every portal comes out with new features and instructions because it helps them to attract more users easily. 

The delivery process is one of the important aspects because it plays a vital role in improving customer experience. It is essential to offer an easy room to exchange or return the product if it does not fit in anyway. Most of the commerce service providers offer the option to return or exchange the product within a certain span of time.

The convenient way of returning or exchanging the product allows more users to buy the product from time to time. Every ecommerce portal provides a convenient window for users to buy the product and return in case of any reason.

Measure success and efficiency

Measuring success and efficiency play a crucial role in most of the medium scale and large scale organizations. Measuring the efficiency and success gives way to improvise the service or the product in an effective way. Users have to provide feedback after using the product because it helps them to come up with the correct process.

Success and efficiency in both logistics and the quality balances the customer experience in multiple ways from time to time. It is necessary to record the data because it allows them to change the policies over a period to enhance the quality.


The order management process has been improving or changing for a long time now. Changes are happening because it allows them to reduce the cost and improve the quality in an effective way. The above mentioned order management process gives you an idea about how to handle the entire activity without flaws.

Sureworks is one of the reputed organizations that is offering warehouse services along with order management activities. Our team has enough experience in handling every part of the process without compromising on the quality.  

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