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The current day threat in the IT world is dynamic. Hence, outsourcing IT security management services to a reputed organization is a wise decision. Modern-day technologies like mobile, internet and computers are on the rise because of convenience. We at sureworks, offer a complete set of services under the same roof to enjoy efficiency.

The technology keeps adding both benefits and limitations in all angles because of the requirement. Therefore, keeping the IT environment clean and updated helps you assist in improving efficiency.

There are numerous information security assets found in the current day market that could enhance performance. At the same time, it brings many problems along with data and information theft.


Analyzing Security Assessment

It is widely suggested for both small and large scale organizations to have a team ready to deploy in case of security risk emergencies. The other option is to have a data security company to take care of all required activities from time to time.

Changing or replacing IT infrastructure is one of the critical parameters to follow by every organization to improve productivity. Sureworks makes it a habit to update all the necessary applications and physical gadgets to avoid future threats.

While analyzing security assessment, it is crucial to look at database management services to keep things in place to avoid massive security loss.

What are Security Management Services?

Every company would have an IT infrastructure, and time management helps in enhancing security. Security management services engage in identifying and protecting IT assets and practices.

The process further continues by developing, documenting, and implementing the required policy effectively. The security services method is designed to automate the activity of identifying and protecting possible security and compliance.

It is vital to have a strategy in place to protect IT assets and infrastructure all the time. The majority of the business prefer having Server Management Services and network management services from the same company to understand better.

Why hire an IT Security Management Service Provider?

It is a fact that not many companies operate without using modern technologies. IT security is one of the primary parameters that need to be taken care of by every company. It is essential to find any of the reputed security monitoring companies who complete IT security solutions.

Sureworks is one of the experienced and quality IT security management service providers. We take care of risk and compliance to enable a clean and secure interface for the organization to function.

A reputed IT security management service vendor ensures backup data and restores services because it helps avoid data loss.

IT Security Management Services or??Solutions

Gone are the days when enterprises used to manage their computers and networks. The current day servers and supercomputers are harder and complicated than people think. It is necessary for every organization to either have a team of experts to manage or to outsource. This is where Sureworks comes into the picture.

Sureworks has a massive amount of experience that gives them enough exposure to current day technology and the future. It is recommended to outsource the IT security solutions to protect the internal information system.

IT Security Service Offerings

Organizations need to understand the actual IT security service offering before signing the contract. Not every company takes care of every parameter. An incomplete solution could lead to another problem with the security posture.

IT security services are mandatory if a company is engaged in providing financial services. The norm is a Government regulatory requirement to protect the data of ordinary citizens accessing the network.

security management services

Why Sureworks?

At Sureworks, we ensure to draw all our expertise to design a strategy for IT security management services. Our team is experienced and trained to handle both small scale and large scale projects.

Our services are directly focussed on offering flexibility, agility, and a friendly budget for the company.??

A complete risk management process is taken over by offering a full-fledged service based on the requirement. Our holistic risk driven approach, specifically for large scale companies, gives an extra layer of security daily.

How can Sureworks be helpful?

Sureworks has a list of departments, which focus on working towards IT security management. Our team of experts is continuously upgraded because of the market requirement. As our experience is highly regarded, it helps you bring up the modern way of dealing with security issues.

Apart from IT services, Sureworks also offers Disk storage maintenance and tape storage maintenance services. Our End-user management services are highly appreciated as well because of maximum efficiency and performance.

Extra Benefits of outsourcing IT security management services to Sureworks

  • Diversified Experience
  • Extra layered security??
  • Cost friendly
  • Reduce Risk
  • Scalability
  • Quick Deployment of New Technology
It security management in india


  • Network Security Hardware Maintenance
  • Firmware, Patches, and Upgrades.
  • Firewall Rules and ACL Management.
  • Network Protection ??? IDS & IPS
  • 2-factor authentication, Anti-spam Solutions
  • Anti-virus protection & Bandwidth analysis
  • Data leakage prevention, Email monitoring & control
  • Encryption, Gateway Firewalls/UTM
  • PIM, SIEM, Virtual Private Networks
  • Web surfing management
  • Secure Access Network - VPN
  • Preventive Maintenance Services
  • IT Security Assessment / Vulnerability Assessment
  • Security Policy Implementation
  • 24 / 7 Support
  • Dedicated Technical Specialist Team
  • Multi-Vendor (OEM) Support ??? Dell EMC, Sophos, Fortinet (Fortigate), Cisco, Checkpoint, Juniper, Huawei, Sonicwall, Paloalto, Barracuda.


Projects Done

Cisco Network Security for AMC

  • Cisco 3000 Series Industrial Security Appliances (ISA)
  • Cisco Firepower 2100 Series
  • Cisco Email Encryption
  • Cisco ASA 5500-X Series Next-Generation
  • Cisco ASA 5500-X Series Next-Generation
  • Cisco Registered Envelope Service
  • Cisco ASA 5500-X with FirePOWER Services
  • Cisco FirePOWER 7000 Series Appliances
  • Cisco Firepower 9000 Series
  • Cisco Firepower 4100 Series
  • Cisco Cloudlock
  • Cisco Email Security Appliance


Customer Satisfaction Rate

Dell Sonicwall Network Security for AMC

  • Dell Sonicwall NSA 3600 Network Security Appliance Firewall
  • Dell SonicWall NSA 2600 Firewall Network Security Appliance
  • Dell Sonicwall NSA 4600 Network Security Appliance Firewall
  • Dell Juniper PowerConnect J-SRX100 Secure Service Gateway



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