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Every organization in the current generation needs to focus on the cost before purchasing any product or service. Sureworks is one of the reputed companies offering services like server rentals in India, backup devices on rent, storage devices on rent, and so on.

It is always wise to rent equipment rather than buying because it helps save money and tax to the government. Renting servers, storage devices, and other electronic components are easy because of reasonable prices without compromising on the quality.

Device as a Service (DaaS)

Device as a Service (DaaS), you get complete hardware, support, analytics, and unified endpoint management solution with more predictable IT spending. Offload the time-consuming tasks of supporting, securing, and managing multi-OS devices so you can focus on what moves your business forward. Reduce the complexity of purchasing with simple, flexible plans easily tailored to your specific business needs.??

(DaaS) delivers a modern service model that simplifies how commercial organizations equip users with the right hardware, support, device management, and lifecycle services to get the job done.

Improving end-user productivity

  • IT efficiency
  • Cost predictability

Why rent servers in India?

Not every company can buy high-end servers on their own and use it for their official purposes. Hence, it is important to look out for an option to work out in a cheaper way. Renting some of the massive servers may look expensive, but it comes with a wide range of benefits.??

Rentals company takes care of the servers by servicing at least once in a month or based on the necessity.

Benefits of taking services in a rental company

  • Easy maintenance

  • Low risk

  • Heavy-duty machines

  • Affordable costs

  • Professional services

Why Server Rental from Sureworks?

Sureworks is in the market for over 10 years by offering services to some of the top companies. Sureworks offers a wide range of gadgets and electronic equipment on rent at affordable costs. Therefore, it is simple to take service and save money at the same time.??

Some of the big equipment requires regular maintenance, which also consumes a lot of money. Renting servers and other equipment is convenient because they take off the maintenance from bottom to top.

Sureworks Offers Rentals in Multiple Departments

  • Server Rentals

    Server Rentals

    Servers are one of the most important components or equipment that needs attention in both medium and large scale organizations. Buying heavy duty servers is not everybody???s cup of tea because of the cost involved in both buying and maintaining.

    Sureworks offers servers suitable for all kinds of companies because of the demand. Our team of professionals not only offers services but also are involved in maintenance.??

  • Networking Rentals

    Networking Rentals

    Every connection requires a network and every network requires periodic maintenance. It is essential for every company to look for a professional networking professional to set up in an organized manner. This activity requires a team of professionals to complete because a minor error could lead to a crash.

    Sureworks has a battalion of experts, who are trained and experienced in setting up networks for companies based on the necessity.??

  • Storage Devices Rental

    Storage Devices Rental

    Gone are the days when people used to store data in handheld devices. Hence, it is crucial to look for relevant storage devices because it helps to source data in a perfect way. Some of the gigantic storage devices require efficient setup and environment to survive for a long time. Therefore, finding the best service provider always assists in having a smooth flow of services.

    Sureworks provides storage services both in a remote and physical way. Therefore, it is recommended to connect with Sureworks to enjoy a smooth flow of services.

  • Backup devices Rental

    Backup Devices Rental

    Backup devices and storage devices follow the same concept, but there is a thin line of difference. Some of the industrial backup devices are known to come with automated features because it helps in saving plenty of time for operators.

    Sureworks has tons and tons of backup devices to offer it for rental purposes to organizations. We provide backup devices on rent at affordable costs.

  • Desktop and Laptops Rental

    Desktop and Laptops Rental

    Desktop and Laptops are mandatory devices in most of the companies because of obvious reasons. Gone are the days when people were using files to complete the task. Most of the corporate jobs need a laptop or a desktop in the current generation. It not only helps to complete the job faster, but also offers extra accuracy while working.

    Sureworks has a separate team or a department that focuses only on laptop and desktop rentals. We have provided rentals to over 150 companies across India with maximum satisfaction levels.

  • Printers and Scanners Rental

    Printers and Scanners Rental

    Printers and scanners are one of the low cost items that can be taken on rent by organizations. Most of the countries are preaching to go without paper as far as possible because of eco-friendly reasons. Not every company can handle or follow the rule because they would be in need of physical print while working on a regular basis.

    Sureworks offers heavy duty printers and scanners on rentals, that allows organizations to take up based on the necessity. We offer both short term and long term rentals, which helps companies to take services as per the need.



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